Due to various challenges and changes, including those caused by government and citizen responses to the Covid-19 viral problem.   Seekers’ Haven has not been answering queries for some time.   We have continued regular weekly worship,  with most people attending via Zoom rather than in person.   This has enabled us to have a peak attendance of about 50 folks from 6 continents in the early summer of 2020.  Our current typical attendance lately has been about 20, including some members of several OYM Monthly Meetings as well as Friends from  other Yearly Meetings and welcomed seekers.  This month, we will try to resume the answering of the general queries by those members of Salem-Upper Springfield Monthly Meeting who worship with us.


3rd Query answer:

One Friend reports: The time my wife and I spend together in prayer and worship restores the sense (which the challenges of daily life tend to dispel) of Christ’s presence in our home. It is in this sense of His presence that we are led and enabled to make the small offerings of hospitality and service that are frequently what He requires. We are to remember that it is mostly through the multitude of such humble bricks that the great edifice of heaven’s kingdom is built. We set as good a Christian example as we are able, often disappointed that our adult children do not seem to value it. We encourage them to accept Christ as their guide and to read and appreciate the Bible. We maintain biblical morals in our home at all times.



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