1 Friend and one regular attender were present.  We had Zoom turned on as trial.  It closed itself after 40 minutes of silence.  We will need to find a way to work around this before invite folks at a distance to connect with us for worship.

3rd Query answer:
Our home is usually a place of peace and contentment.  We are not often outwardly joyful.  Our lives have become humdrum in many ways.
We take an interest in civic affairs when we vote, in conversations, and in occasional letters to the editor.  We donate funds and time individually to good causes such as Boy Scouts and our religious communities.  Today, one of us represented Seekers’ Haven in a charity 5K walk to support a recovery home for women with alcoholism or drug addiction.  We discussed options for more hospitality in our home.
Our children are all adults living at a distance.  We continue to be a Christian example when they visit, but it seems to have little effect.
We have witnessed to our children to read and appreciate the Bible as best we could, but they have become closed-eared.

Some of our regular attenders are single.  This and some other queries are not pertinent to them, leaving them our of the discussion.  A series of queries developed by single persons for their condition are on our website at https://yourfriendinchrist.net/life-in-christ/.

Conrad Lindes