1 Friend and 2 regular attenders were present.  We also had query answers emailed to us from 2 distant Friends. 

7th Query answer: We generally limit our purchases and possessions to those things that are practical for simple comfort in daily life in our culture.

We avoid speaking dishonestly.   We seek to answer questions such as, “How are you?” briefly but honestly – “Well,” or “Blessed,” or “I choose to have a good day.”  These answers are the truth, but no always the detailed truth.   Some of us sincerity in speech to call days of the week and months of the years by their numbers rather than by pagan names.    Some use of second person singular “thee and thou.”   We now find ourselves facing the common but dishonest use of third person plural “they” rather than “he” or “she” for third person singular, which seems to be from grammatical laziness and the “politically correct” avoidance of gender pronouns that might offend someone.

Our apparel is generally simple and modest for our culture.  Modesty is not only a consideration of the impression we may give of ourselves, but the temptation to forbidden thoughts our appearance might engender in others, causing them to “stumble.”   Modern fashions make this a particular challenge for women.

Some of us are prone over commit ourselves to “good” things, depriving ourselves of time to rest in the Lord.  Current affairs and social media can divert time and focus from wholesome activity. We do generally have special times of the day set aside for worship, prayer, and spiritual reading.

We are just in or dealings and careful to fulfill our promises.

We try to make our Christian faith a part of our daily lives by practicing the golden rule, even if it is a one-way street, and by living the affirmative of the other parts of this query.  We feel blessed and try to be good stewards of God’s gifts.  We try to live every day of our lives for Christ our Saviour.