What living things get pleasure from intentionally harming themselves?   None – except humans.   It is folly that, despite knowing their dangers, we eat the things that we shouldn’t, that we abuse drugs and alcohol, that we wear shoes that are stylish by hurt our feet.  It is insane that we entertain thoughts and act out on impulses that our consciences forbid, that are evil, that will alienate us from God.  Why?  It makes no sense!

Satan, that crafty serpent, insinuates his wiles into our minds and foments a rebellious nature which asserts its independence by charging ahead despite the risks.  The thrill, for the moment, is like that an amusement park ride!  But what about the remorse later?   The evil one gloats in the shadows, knowing that we are in danger of hell.  And if we end up there, not only will he torture us with the  pain and aguish of the place, but with the eternal self-loathing that we will have, believing that it is all our own faults.

Recoil from temtation!  Eschew sin!   Do not give the devil the chance to dance on your soul’s grave.   Cling to Christ, for His grace is sufficient to comfort and protect the soul whose will is fully relinquished to His!


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