Sometimes I recall fond memories of times when I was a little child of two or three.  Life then was care free.   My parents, in their love for me, provided for all my needs and set boundaries that kept me safe.  How comfortable it was to unquestioningly receive all that love and care.

One day, though, when I was almost four, and playing outside in the sandbox, I wanted to see what the world was like outside the barbered wire fence that enclosed the yard.  I know that I was not supposed to go beyond that fence, but I wanted to be more grown up and make my own decisions, so I started to climb through the fence.

Suddenly, I was caught on the barbs.  There I was, only 20 feet from my house, but I would not call for help because my disobedience would be discovered.  I tried and tried to get loose.  Dusk was advancing and I cried in fear – fear of being outside on that fence in the dark, and fear of punishment for my crime.   Then, out of the brush outside the yard came a man and his teen-aged son, who had been out hunting.

The man and his son took pity on me and got me untangled from the fence.   Then they took me to my door  to be sure that I got in alright and to explain to my parents what had happened.  As I went into the house still streaming tears, and my parents heard the story, they picked me up with joy, and hugged me and comforted me.   There was no punishment of a rebel who had disobeyed, but celebration of a little boy who had been rescued from his mistake and brought home safe and sound!

Needless to say that that was not the last time that I took it upon myself to push the envelop of parental wisdom and protection, but somehow I survived to adulthood and, after having children of my own, began to think about our Father in heaven and His love and care for me.  As I sought to know more about Him, God invited me for fleeting moments on a tour of his home, a home not of rooms and furniture and appliances to comfort the body, but of unbounded joy, love, rest, and completeness.

I have found that access to this heavenly home is not located on any map, and not entered through any door.