Most organizations that oppose abortion focus on the sin of killing an innocent, helpless child, and portray Planned Parenthood as the arch sinner.  This approach pits the right of an unborn child to live at all against the right of its mother to live freed of the burdens of motherhood.  This position creates a moral dilemma that is unresolvable.   It is also unnecessary.

Unintended, unwanted pregnancies are not caused by abortionists, but by immoral sex. 

When God first made Adam and Eve, they were naked yet unashamed.   Living in paradise, obedient to God in all things, their sexuality was innocent, childlike.   But when they ate the forbidden fruit and knew good and evil, they immediately covered their genitalia, for they knew that those parts were sacred, having the capacity to create new life. 

As followers of Christ, we are called to a life that is holy, offering up on our daily crosses those behaviors and desires that are not according to God’s will.  This applies to clothes that we wear, the work that we do, the words that we use.   And it applies to our sexual lives.  The Discipline of Ohio Yearly Meeting states, “We believe that human sexual intercourse is only appropriate within a marriage relationship…”  If we sanctify our sexuality in this way, accepting the weighty responsibility of the procreative act by being prepared to love and care for any children who may be conceived, then the demand for abortion will vanish.   There will be no unborn child whose right to live conflicts with the rights of its parents to choose whether to become mothers and fathers.  They will have already made that choice in the affirmative when they chose to marry and when they chose to have sex. 

To live in such a way is not easy.  To take up our crosses daily and follow Christ never is.  But as with each act of obedience, Christ shares His power to make it possible, and He pours out His love as the immediate and immeasurable reward.