Seekers’ Haven minutes 9/2/2018 One Friend and three regular attenders were present. Also, an answer for the second query from an affiliate member of Salem meeting was read. Second query answer: We do work to forgive and to empathize with those who have harmed us. Although this is more difficult when it appears the other party has no remorse, we know that failure to forgive only harms ourselves and our relationship with God. We are careful not to detract from the reputation of others through bearing tales or gratuitous criticism, while speaking truthfully. To love, in this sense, means to be thoughtful, helpful, kind, and considerate of others, to start. To go beyond this to a true concern in ones heart for the other may require the help of Christ and the forgiving spirit. We are not aware of any differences among us, praying that, if such should arise, we would acknowledge them and humbly submit to Christ’s resolution of them. We plan to meet again for worship at 10:30 a.m. on 9/16/2018. If the weather is good, this will be at Nike Park. Conrad Lindes