Had Adam and Eve stayed in the Garden, all would still be sustaining today, for there is the tree of life.  We witness, or give testimony, that we are to return to the Garden – to the place where we Trust God in all things, with all our being, unashamedly naked to the inspection of Him who sees even our deepest secrets.     When we are thus, we become His hoe and spade and pruning shears, ready and willing instruments in His hands “…to dress and keep…” (Gen 2:15) the Garden for Him and His purposes.  

            In all things let us live humbly, simply, patiently, generously, and gratefully.  Let us yield our natural lives to Him, accepting His invitation to share in spiritual life with Him.   This was the life of Adam and Eve when God gave them dominion of all the earth.   It is only in this eternal, self-less life that we can be properly exercise that dominion.