“You can’t make me!” I would screech at my big brother when he tried to boss me around.   He would order me to do some chore of his, or to do something foolish so that he could laugh at me, or in some other way seek to rule over me.   My resistance was not just that I did not want to do what he told me, but that I refused to acknowledge that he had any valid authority to give me orders at all.    “You’re not my father!”  I would holler.

Now that I am grown up, though, do I accede to the jurisdiction of the world and its “powers” over my life without a thought, let alone without rebellion?   I get so many orders from this benighted world’s wisdom.   “Be dishonest,” “Be impatient,” “Be judgemental,”  “Get revenge,” and so on.   So many other people, in all walks of life, set an example for obeying such commands.    But then I turn to the light, the Truth.

The author of these orders is not my father.  Why should I listen to him?   He is not even my big brother!    But I do have a Father in heaven, and He tells me His way for me to live: “Be honest,” Be patient,” Do not judge,” “Forgive!”   And I have a big brother who is right here at my side at every moment, not do put me down, but to lift me up, as He himself was lifted up in complete obedience to our Father.  That big brother, Jesus Christ, wants nothing less than for me to be joyfully with Him in the care of that loving Father.

Next time a command comes from the darkness that wants to dominate my heart, let me shout in defiance, “You can’t make me!” and turn to the Light.